Snooker147 & Poolster

Snooker147 & Poolster

This package contrains a virtual snooker game and a pool (billiards) one
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Snooker147 & Poolster is a package containing two free games: a virtual snooker game and a virtual pool (billiards) one.
Although these two small games are 2D snooker and pool simulations that include realistic ball-motions and sound effects, their graphics are considerably outdated and too simplistic for nowadays’ demands. In fact, as it seems, both these games haven’t been updated since 1999, so I’m actually surprised I could even run them on my Windows 7 system without any problem. They ran pretty smoothly and without any issues, but I can’t deny they look really dull and obsolete for today’s standards. I was also pretty annoyed by the lack of a visual representation for the pool cue, as I had to guess by trying that the place where I click is not the place where I hit the white ball, but it’s actually the place where the white ball will go. I still have no idea how to control the intensity of the strike though.

The games also have some interesting additional options and features anyway, like support for replays, 3 difficulty levels for the AI, the possibility to save the matches and continue them at later times, etc.

Since they’re also free, you could try them without worrying of losing anything but your time. Anyway, my recommendation is that you spend that time to keep looking for other similar games, as you’ll probably find better ones easily.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free.
  • Neat, small, and lightweight.
  • Can save and resume the game progress.
  • Include replays


  • Obsolete visuals.
  • Lack a representation of the pool cue
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